The creation of the Institute

The IMI IAELPS was formed in the bosom of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences in accordance with the decision of the Presidency of the Academy on 24 April 2014.

In 1991 the cardiologist Sergey Konovalov began research in the new field of medicine, and by 1994 he had already formulated the thesis of a new field of knowledge, the Information-Energy Doctrine that became the basis for information–molecular biology and medicine (IMBM), a field of scientific research and clinical practice that never existed before. The results of scientific experiments, obtained in 2010–2015 during the immersion of living cells (in vitro) in a recovered information medium, as well as more than 20 years of practice of recovering human health in the fight against chronic disease, that have shown in an irrefutable manner the existence of IFs, led scientists who share the ideas of the Information-Energy Doctrine to a natural necessity to join our forces and create a scientific institution for carrying out deep and complex research. Our aim is to determine how the informative imbalances of the body transform in function and lead to disease, and to identify the physical, chemical, biological, etc., essence of the processes that occur in the medium, in the body, and in the cell. 

On the basis of the decision of the IAELPS Presidency of 24 April 2014, the IMI was inaugurated by order of the President of the International Academy of Sciiences (Nº 4 of 14 May 2014), Sergey Konovalov, PhD, honorary professor and academic of the IAELPS, was named Director of the Institute. The formation of the Institute’s staff is ongoing.