About the Institute

The main objective of the Institute is to explore the knowledge of man as an informational and social being through the unity of his physiological processes, metabolism and regulation, and harmonic personal development. read more...

The World Health Organization program has determined a modern strategy of patient-targeted system to provide medical assistance with formation of health promotion behavior and acquiring of corresponding knowledge, abilities and skills to preserve health. Taking into account characteristics for manifestation of environment risk factors effect, conditions of lifestyle, medical care accessibility and quality in various countries worldwide, there emerged a need to develop a new methodology to activate human abilities to improve organism adaptation and correction of clinical and functional disorders.

Lately levels and structure of sickness rate have significantly changed, new illnesses have been exposed and a proportion of inhabitants with chronic diseases has stayed high. Therefore, realization of personified potential should be aimed at acquiring of new knowledge, abilities and skills from competency-trained medical specialists to correct patients’ clinical and functional disorders. However, existing medico-organizational structures of primary health care are mostly directed at improvement of hygienic education system and promotion of healthy lifestyle and not at patient training to improve his/her level of medical informedness and conscious motivation to health preservation activity.

The scientific activity of the IMI IAELPS includes: - establishment of human health maintenance programmes; - establishment of programmes to fight against ageing; - establishment of programmes to fight against cancer; - establishment of programmes to fight against chronic diseases…
development of the concept of the pathological process, based on ideas surrounding the informative nature of regulatory processes of the organism and of the informative essence of man
The IMI IAELPS was formed at the heart of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences in accordance with the decision of the Presidency of the Academy on 24 April 2014.