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The traditional theme of philosophising is the study of the possibilities of our knowledge of the world and man himself. The human state in the world imposes a requirement: a constant overcoming of the limitations of a time and a place. The history of knowledge is not only a linear process of accumulation of data but also a process of irreplaceable losses. The doctrine of the original spiritual tradition asserts that there is a consistent and original source of being, truth, and knowledge. We can find a symbolic presence of this primordial tradition in different cultures, traditional doctrines, metaphysics, and religions. The Information-Energy Doctrine created by Sergey Konovalov is not marginal concerning the terms of the tradition, despite its modern scientific terminology. Both doctrines correspond with each other in many instances. In Russia, the Information-Energy Doctrine emerged because the mentality of Russian people and the main idiosyncrasy of Russian culture entail a cosmic attitude that includes the earthly life in the universal processes.